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    Best. Valentines. Ever.

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    I believe the following picture sums up what I planned to -and succeeded in-  accomplishing with my Valentines weekend back in Bristol. Hope you like it, Tan.


    Except in my case instead of ‘rape in a bottle’ Bud Light, I …

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    In Denial

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    I am on the 6:30am train to London on Saturday and I haven’t even started packing.


    I’m in complete denial!

    And because it’s my last day at the beeb I have been asked to have a couple of drinks after …

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    Almost Complete

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    I’m down to my last few days at the dear old beeb and also my last few days in Bristol.

    Talk has turned to plans for what I will need in London, how we manage the alternate weekends, etc. You …

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    News is starting to trickle out about my imminent departure.

    People are being really, really nice about it. I thought it would have been all “Gordon WHO? Ohhh… The fat guy from South Africa.”

    But no!

    Which is really nice …

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    The first resolution is to see one of these.

    Aren’t they just the freakiest looking fish ever?

    You can snorkel with them in June/July on the Isle of Man. Which makes this resolution a sub-category of one of my …

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    A Kwanzaa Miracle

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    I’ve worked out the secret to Christmas.

    It’s order everything from M&S, make sure you have access to a 20% discount, then apply heat where relevant!

    If you’re particularly fancy (or a gay) then you can combine this with some …

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