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    Talk about myself, you say? On a blog?! Well, all right. There’s a first time for everything.

    I work in media, specifically for Qype: Europe’s largest review site. I live in London. I also write for money occasionally.

    It would be great to say I’m awesome at all of these things but… no. Particularly that London bit.  And it’s not for lack of trying.

    If you like driving slowly past car accidents then stick around and watch me try and correct this… slowly… painfully… often drunkenly.

    On the career side of things, I’ve worked in television, film, magazines, newspapers, music, events and online over the years both in the UK and back in Australia and New Zealand -in both a commerical and content creation capacity.

    Like most writers I have won a couple of shitty awards. The weirdest was for my zombie radio play back in Auckland.

    About YOU

    • With the best will in the world, are you a bit shit at life?
    • Do recipes with phone photos and lots of swear words excite you?
    • Are you interested in benchmarking your life against someone you probably haven’t met?
    • Do you think you can diagnose your borderline alcoholism by matching your own behaviour against what I write about here?
    • Or maybe you’d just like some advice on and from one of the great cities of the world?

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    The best way to touch me

    Bathroom stalls notwithstanding, this is me on Twitter which is the best way to get my attention.

    Be sure to subscribe to my posterous as well because I can find some funny shit now and then.

    One final note: naturally as this is my personal blog the opinions expressed here are entirely my own and in no way represent the opinions of Qype, its parent company or any of its subsidiaries. But if you spend more than five seconds here you will work that one out.

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