• M&S Becomes ‘Carbon Neutral’. Congrats!

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    “The new report reveals that 138 commitments have been achieved and a further 30 are ‘on plan’, ie on target to be met within the specified timescale. Overall the net benefit of Plan A to the business last year was £105m – a 50% increase on the £70m delivered in 2010/11.

    The company says it is now fully carbon neutral, after reducing energy usage by 28% through more efficient refrigeration, and counting renewable energy tariffs and offsetting.

    The company also now recycles 100% of its waste. Of its food waste from stores, 89% goes straight to anaerobic digestors to generate energy and the rest is composted. And 31% of M&S products – £3bn worth — now have a Plan A attribute such as Fairtrade, organic or made from recycled material. The longer-term goal is that by 2020, all M&S products – nearly three billion sold annually – will have at least one sustainable characteristic.”

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