• That’s A Whole Quarter Of A Year??

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    Google's inaugural Think Publisher event last week

    Blogs are like children. You do actually have a favourite one. And this is my recessive ginger blog.

    It turns out you can only transmute your life into one medium of creative expression. (Two, tops.)

    So the idea of re-capping the last few months with actual words like 25% of a Christmas letter no one ever reads looked unappealing.

    Trouble is… quite a bit of stuff has happened. Even just going over my Posterous a moment ago I’m all “oh yeah… that trip I went on.”

    Having a smartphone and a photoblog -which you savages all should have- is actually a pretty good record of a life.

    Here’s Q1 then. Condensed and not strictly in chronological order.

    We got snow in London. More here.


    Here’s another one from our arduous trip up to the coaching inn where they shot Four Weddings and a Funeral for Abbie’s birthday.

    My little brother came to visit.

    This is after we took him to The Island Queen in Islington.

    This is his last afternoon before catching the flight home in my favourite pub which closed a couple of weeks ago. In other news I’m drinking a lot less. This is probably a contributing factor to its demise.

    I walked on a lake in Hamburg. That weekend they had 20,000 people and a fun fair on it so I figured there was at least a 50% chance I wouldn’t fall through. And it was indeed my lucky day.

    James and I went on a road trip where we saw crazy horses holding up peak hour traffic in the New Forest.

    Also a Roman villa.

    Also whatever this is:

    Also the set of Harry Potter. I believe some of you may know it as Oxford.

    Also the set of Jurassic Park. I believe some of you may know it as Oxford.

    Then there was that heatwave the four people on Facebook you know in London couldn’t stop talking about.

    It got hot enough to celebrate Abbie finishing every series of Buffy and Angel with sea breezes in the yard.

    And for people to get in my way as I’m trying to walk across Trafalgar Square.

    And to think visiting Chiswick House in the off season was a good idea. It wasn’t. Warm doesn’t equal ‘open’ apparently. (Minds out of the gutter, please!)

    We farewelled Leon, Monique and the fine city of Bristol. This was weirdly emotional for me.

    Obviously I meant Bristol. Could take or leave the kiwis TBH. (Kidding, kids!)

    Work seems to be going really well. In that I am not being made redundant and the company does not appear to be collapsing. Which is a UK first! Also I’m rather enjoying it. Went to a fun event last week in Google’s answer to Orthanc.

    The after-drinks were held on the balcony where I got to impress other nerds with my vast and creepy knowledge of the British Museum as we towered over it.

    Also we’ve moved back into the New Cavendish Street office. Fitzrovia is totes where I belong.

    Culture and shit

    That’s the quarter. Only 2.9 more to go before the apocalypse!

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