• A Different Kind Of Sausage Fight

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    A row has broken out between Slovenia and Austria over the name of a sausage.

    Slovenia wants the Kranjska klobasa, or Krainer sausage, to be given protected EU status, similar to Parmesan, champagne and the Cornish pasty.

    It says the sausage, made of minced pork and seasoned with garlic and pepper, was invented in northern Slovenia in the 19th Century.

    But that has upset Austria, where a cheese-filled variation of the sausage, the Kaesekrainer, is a great favourite.

    Slovenia is applying to the European Commission for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, because of the meat’s connection to the Kranjska region.

    If successful, only sausages produced in Slovenia to the traditional recipe will be able to call themselves Kranjska or Krainer.

    But when the sausage was invented the area was part of the multi-national Austro-Hungarian Empire known in German as Krain and in English as Carniola.

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