• Seventies Party Food For People Who Weren’t Alive In The Seventies

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    You can see the general Christmasnessnessness of it, yeah?

    Quite a number of this year’s food trends have a seventies feel to them… chopped liver, wines made of things other than grapes.

    So we may as well lean into the trend.

    Here are some things I served up at a pre-Christmas get together at our house along with various cheeses and my now internationally famous chilli jam.

    • Pea and mint dip
    • Palmiers two ways
    • Chopped liver

    It makes it all the more seventies if you serve them out of cazuelasas well.

    Pea and Mint Dip

    Here’s a recipe I lifted in its entirety from this lovely blogger.

    You can see I went for the lemon squeezy bottle rather than an actual lemon. When they’re out of season there isn’t much between them anyway.

    • Two handfuls of petit pois. Defrosted in the microwave then cooled in water.
    • 150ml creme fraiche.
    • 2 tsp store bought mint sauce.
    • Squeeze of lemon juice.

    Blitz and check seasoning. Serve.

    Palmiers Two Ways

    There’s a blurry phone photo (imagine that!) of the second way but we’ll walk through the more complicated one in steps.

    • 2 sheets of ready made puff pastry. (Sorry Anne!)
    • 100g green olives. Don’t get the pitted ones. Unfortunately the pitting is quite frustrating. I just hacked at them with a knife. This meant I ended up using a whole jar of green olives. (Minus the ones I ate.)
    • 10 canned anchovy slices.
    • Olive oil.
    • Pistou from a jar. You can see it below. (Don’t use pesto. It’s not the same thing.)

    1. Chop the green olives.

    2. Blitz the green olives with the anchovies and a dash of olive oil to form a paste.

    3. Flour your work surface. (Don’t skip that!) roll out your puff pastry and smear with the olive paste, leaving a dry border around the edge.

    4. Roll very carefully into the centre from both long side. Chill for ten minutes in the fridge. Repeat with the pistou.

    5. Chop into slices of around an inch and spread over one or two baking sheets, depending on the size of your oven. Be sure to leave space for them to expand.

    6. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until they are done. Let them rest and serve them either warm or at room temperature. (You can actually make these the day before.)

    Chopped Liver

    The ratios for this part of the meal comes from a great post at Amateur Gourmet. It makes vast amounts. We only ate half of it.

    • 3 brown onions. Chopped.
    • Half a wine glass of marsala. Can’t slow cook onions without marsala!
    • Butter to cook the onions in. (Mine isn’t the Jewiest of chopped liver recipes out there.)
    • 4 hard boiled eggs.
    • 500g chicken livers. Deveined. Always buy organic.

    1. Slowly, slowly, slowly cook the onions in butter with salt and marsala. Like for at least twenty minutes. I used this time to peel and quarter my boiled eggs.

    2. When the onions are brown and sticky (like a brown stick), Adam recommends dropping the livers in the same pan by moving the onions to one side. This almost worked for me but I ended up scooping the onions into the food processor a few minutes early because the pan was too crowded to cook the livers evenly so they were still pink in the middle. But it’s your call. It all gets blitzed anyway.

    3. Put the onions, liver and eggs in a food processor and blitz. I was aiming for something close to pate so I blitzed until smooth. Chunks are more typical. (But it did turn out exactly like pate so yay me.)

    4. Scoop and flatten into a serving dish (a large cazuela in my case) and chill in the fridge.

    The Final Flourishes

    Sadly I seem to have been too distracted by guests to have taken any more photos but the other non-cheeseboard dishes were:

    • Baked Camembert. Nigel’s exact recipe.
    • Pickled medley with sherry vinegar. Cornichons, caperberries, the remaining green olives and a few tiny baby onions. All rinsed of their brine then mixed together with a few glugs of sherry vinegar.

    Good times.

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