• Radish And Olive Salad For A Confusing Detox

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    Radish SaladIn between catching up with business partners, family and friends over the new year there are evenings at home spent crying into my XXXL muumuu about how much weight was gained over Christmas.

    This inevitably leads to declarations of “salad for dinner” all week.

    Which is hard in January in the northern hemisphere as it’s not really salad season.

    Unless you’re a radish.


    • 500g radishes. If you’ve bought them fresh so they still have decent leaves, wash and remove them too.
    • 200g black olives. (A bit less once drained, actually.) We managed to find pitted kalamata in a jar. Unpitted would be better if you don’t mind fiddly chopping.
    • A large bunch of flat leaf parsley. Loosely chopped.
    • Half a can of anchovies. This is about ten slices. Finely chopped. (Vegetarian option would be capers.)
    • Decent, gooey balsamic vinegar. A good glug.
    • The best extra virgin olive oil you have.


    1. Drop the chopped parsley into a large salad bowl. Thinly slice the radishes lengthwise, halve the olives and throw them in also.

    2. Top with the chopped anchovies, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Stir to combine.

    3. Check the seasoning. It won’t need salt but could actually do with some dried chilli flakes. (Next time.) That’s it! Serve as a salad or potentially use it to fill some wrapbreads smeared with hummus.

    Radish Salad

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