• How To Do Burns Night At Home

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    Anyone else think he was kinda hot?

    I’ll be out at a work event on Burns Night (the 25th) unfortunately, as I was really looking forward to giving this a crack.

    Instead I’ll just have to settle for some Talisker when I get home. Boo hoo.

    You however, should totally get amongst it. Below is a menu suggestion.

    But first let’s address the elephant in the room.


    Look, just do it. Think of it like communal sausage. You’ll be genuinely surprised how good it really is. I’m not saying you need to construct one… just buy it.

    In Scotland everyone has their preferred brands but if you’re south of the border then both the M&S one and the Waitrose one are apparently worth it. (We haven’t had both.)

    Then all you need to do is apply heat to it and eventually recite poetry at it.

    Of course, if you are going to be racist and turn your nose up at the fine people of Scotland’s proud heritage then I am going to make you work for it. This Highland stew is much more hassle but will begrudgingly serve as a delicious replacement.

    The Meal Itself


    • Cheese board
    • Oat cakes

    The main event

    I use the buttered leek recipe all the time. It’s basically my go-to leek preparation plan. You’ll want something green to counterbalance the starchy/carby bomb of neeps and tatties.

    An alternative to the neeps and tatties that is also allowed is clapshot. Which is basically the same thing.


    My plan was just to have some homemade shortbread and single malt which, when I think about it, is probably my favourite dessert.

    But coming in a close second -and one you really must try- is from the world famous Three Chimneys restaurant on the Isle of Skye. We have this at least once a week when raspberries are in season. One taste and I’m walking along the shores of Skye again.

    Isle of Skye Cranachan

    • 250ml double cream
    • 1 tablespoon heather honey
    • 2 tablespoons Talisker whisky. (Must be Talisker for Skye authenticity.)
    • 1 heaped tablespoon of toasted oatmeal

    Toast the oatmeal in a single layer in the oven until it turns a darker shade of brown. You can do this days beforehand. Whisk together the cream, whisky and honey until you get soft peaks. Fold the oatmeal through the mixture.

    Fill dessert glasses with fresh raspberries and top with the cranachan mixture. SO GOOD.


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