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    Genoese squid recipe

    Let deliciousness reign!

    Squid and potato is my favourite form of Surf and Turf. In fact, it’s probably the one of the only ones I allow to be consumed anywhere near me.

    This time last year I was in Barcelona for work. On our first night my colleague, who actually speaks a little Spanish, asked our waiter what he’d recommend and just asked for that.

    He came out with an enormous tray of polbo รก feira -fried potatoes topped with chopped octopus and paprika. One of the best plates of food I have had in my life. (When he said it was a local dish we eventually worked out that it was local to his region, Galicia, rather Barcelona. It’s actually on the whole other side of the country.)

    This recipe is Genoese-inspired, from Diana Henry’s life changing book, Food From Plenty. The dish is for people who -like me- actually really like seafood but never really cook it because they’re too chicken shit.

    With squid there are no excuses. It’s cheap, it’s available cleaned and frozen and cooking in this way ensures you cannot fuck it up.


    • 800g squid tubes, cleaned.
    • 1 can cherry tomatoes. Can be swapped for plum tomatoes and a teaspoon of sugar.
    • 5 garlic cloves. Chopped.
    • 1 large tablespoon dried oregano.
    • 1 medium bunch of parsley. Chopped.
    • Half a bottle Italian dry white wine. We went pinot grigio.
    • 500g new baby potatoes. Something nice and small. Halved or thirded if they’re big.


    1. If you got frozen squid like me then take them out of their packaging in the morning and put them in a bowl of cold water. If not, just wash them thoroughly.

    2. Dry the squid tubes inside and out as thoroughly as possible with kitchen paper. Then cut into 2.5cm thick rings. For some reason I did this in reverse and it was a lot more fiddly.

    3. Heat olive oil in a large pan on high heat. When it’s properly hot throw in the garlic and the squid and fry for a minute. I had to do this in two batches so as not to crowd the pan.

    4. Pour in the wine and tomatoes, throw in all the oregano and half the parsley. Stir to combine, turn down the heat low and cover with a lid for thirty minutes.

    5. Use your down time to prep the potatoes! Keep an eye on the squid as it may need a little stirring from time to time.

    6. After thirty minutes, drop the potatoes in the pan and stir everything around again. Replace the lid and cook on low for about another thirty minutes. Stir occasionally.

    7. You’ll know it’s done because the liquid will reduce to a delicious red slick and coat everything. Test one of the larger potato pieces to make sure it’s cooked through. Then either serve in bowls or straight from the pan topped with the rest of the parsley.

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