• Carrot And Leek Soup Because Austerity Can Be Fun! (No It Can’t.)

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    Carrot Leek Soup

    It's healthyish but still contains butter and oil

    This recipe emerged out of a desire for soup but an aversion to using potato.

    (What’s the fucking point of eating soup if you’re just going to carb up, anyway?)

    It’s based on an updated Delia recipe from Frugal Food that I’ve made slightly poofier with the addition of bouillon, garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil and a few other wanker ingredients.


    • 500g leeks. Trimmed, washed, cut in half lengthways and then cut into chunks.
    • 500 carrots. Chopped. Don’t bother peeling them.
    • 1 large brown onion. Cut into medium chunks.
    • 1.5 litres bouillon. Vegetarian.
    • Garlic oil.
    • Leftover Parmesan rinds. Optional.
    • A few drops of proper, gooey balsamic vinegar. Optional. Only use it if you have decent quality balsamic.


    1. Prep the vegetables: chop and wash (in that order) the leeks and the carrots. Leave them in the colander in the sink.

    2. Heat the butter and the garlic oil in a large pan over a medium hit and then cook the onion slowly… the longer the better. For a minimum of fifteen minutes.

    3. Throw the leeks and carrots in with the onions, stir, and put the lid on. Leave them to sweat for about ten minutes, stirring them around every so often. Make up the bouillon while you wait.

    4. Pour the bouillon into the pan and turn the heat up to medium. Throw in any leftover Parmesan rinds. (Which you should keep in the freezer for just such opportunities. Told you this was austere.) Ours was large so I halved it.

    Bring the soup back up to simmering point and then replace the lid. Cook for at least 15 minutes.

    5. Once the vegetables are cooked either do that really annoying thing where you transfer jugs of ingredients over to a food processor, blitz and then return or do what I do and borrow the gift I got James for Christmas -a stick blender- and liquidise in the pan. Christmas miracle! You can see James modelling his gift below.

    6. Once liquidised, give it another stir, check some seasoning (I put another dash of garlic oil in at this point), drizzle in some balsamic and ladle into many lucky bowls.

    Boom. You’ve been austered!

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