• A Very European Union Of Sausages

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    That wine is for the meal, I swear!

    Sausages baked with vegetables seems very English to me.

    Yes, I know everyone does it but other countries seem to do it with more interest and variation.

    Chorizo, for instance, goes with everything and appears fun and exciting and vivacious like a hot Spaniard you meet at sunset by the beach one summer’s night who whisks you into a brief, whirlwind romance you will one day tell your grandchildren about… possibly on a ship in a Jim Cameron movie.

    Or at the very least at a dramatically-relevant moment during a large family get-together like a graduation or Thanksgiving, possibly after a loud fight, your story ultimately providing the inspiration for a lead character change.

    English versions seem more dad-like. Literally.

    Which is a pity because there is nothing quite like English pork sausages when done properly.

    This crazy-simple dish is my way of attempting to blend the two together… in some kind of union… for Europe.


    • 1 butternut squash. Chopped but not peeled. (There’s no point if you’re roasting them.)
    • 2 carrots. Chopped on an angle into chunks.
    • 2 brown onions. Quartered. Try and retain the base so they hold together. (They won’t anyway.)
    • 8 decent pork sausages. Preferably from the butcher but if you’re near a Waitrose they have some decent brands. They’re the highlight of the meal so be good about it.
    • 2 tablespoons wild thyme.
    • A large glass of Primitivo. Or something similarly ballsy and Italian.
    • 1 tablespoon of English mustard powder.
    • 1 whole head of garlic. Top chopped off.
    • Extra Virgin olive oil. A decent glug.


    1. Take the sausages out of the fridge an hour before you want to start cooking so they return to room temperature. Once chopped, throw the onions, carrots and squash into a pan. Nestle the sausages in the pan.

    2. Pour in the glass of wine and the oil then sprinkle over the wild thyme. (Optional: add oregano too.) Mix the whole thing together with Nigella claws and then rest the chopped head of garlic in the middle.

    3. Bake in a pre-heated oven for an hour.

    All done. Squeeze the garlic out into the tray and give it a final stir. If you have more attractive ovenware you can serve as is.

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