• Cake-Free Christmas Cake

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    Accidental perspective shot. It's not really seven feet tall. (It's six.)

    This seems to be a rant I get into every December… I just don’t like Christmas Cake. Or pudding. Or mince pies. Really anything that insists dessicated fruit is in some way a delicacy when it clearly isn’t.

    Hence I spent years avoiding anything containing dried fruit.

    But in 2008, while watching Nigella Christmas, I found a recipe that was simply too easy not to try.

    And now it’s officially a tradition. Because it turns out it’s the horrible, last-forever, store-under-a-bed “cake” in Christmas cake is the bit that I just don’t like.

    However, whip up a batch of this, spoon it over some Cornish clotted cream ice cream and you’re instantly sledding through the pretty white north of flavour country.


    • Various ‘Christmassy’ dried fruits; cranberries, raisins, blah blah blah. A lot of stores now sell these in special ‘dried Christmas fruit’ packs. Candied peel optional. (James likes it.)
    • Pedro Ximenez sherry. Do not go near the dry end of the sherry spectrum in this instance.


    • Combine. Leave for a week out of the sunlight. (Ha!)

    That really is it.

    You don’t have to make this much but we have a parade of guests and relatives over two weeks and this year I am determined to be organised enough so that I don’t get caught making a second batch in mid-December because James and I have eaten it all.

    Make this tonight if you’re the slightest bit inclined as it only gets better the longer you leave it.

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