• Corn Chowder

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    Should have taken more photos. You'll see this one again.

    This is easy, cheap and voluminous -just like me.

    Actually it’s an adaption of an even easier Nigella recipe but I feel the addition of some slow-cooked onions suit the autumnal feel of the chowder better than spring onions.

    Whatever, that’s between me and her. You should probably stay out of it.

    Hers is here.


    • 1kg bag frozen sweetcorn. Fully defrosted. Take it out in the morning.
    • 1 brown onion. This is where we differ.
    • 1.5 litres bouillon. Or a vegetable stock. I use bouillon for everything that says vegetable stock.
    • 50 grams semolina. She uses less. I think it needs somewhere in between. 50 may be juuuust too much.
    • Tortilla crips. As many as you like. I love them, so I suggest ALL the tortilla crisps. All of them.
    • Grated cheddar. Proper cheddar. The amount depends on whether you followed my instruction to get all of the tortilla crisps.
    • 2 large red chillies. De-seeded and sliced.


    1. Blitz the onion to mush in a food processor. This is one of the rare times where you really can go to town on it instead of watching it like a hawk. Preheat the oven.

    2. Tip the onion mush into a warm, olive oiled pan and fry gently and slowly. Preheat the oven and rinse the food processor at this point. Remove to a bowl when done and set aside.

    3. Blitz the defrosted sweetcorn and semolina along with the onions into mush. This will take two rounds. Tip the mush into a large soup pan.

    4. Make up the 1.5 litres of bouillon and pour into the soup pan. Stir and bring to the boil before reducing the heat. Let it bubble away for about twenty minutes. Stir regularly and half-cover if it’s evaporating too much.

    5. While the chowder is bubbling, spread the tortilla crisps in a single layer in an oven pan and grate the cheddar over the top. Prep the chillies once the crisps are in the oven.

    6. Serve the chowder in bowls. Tear some melted tortilla crisp chunks from the oozing, cheesy mess and place in the chowder. Top with the sliced chillies.

    Feed to thousands of people with the extra tortilla crisps.

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