• Baked Onion Tagliatelle: Stolen Recipe Ideas

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    Last weekend was a fun day for the three remaining people in Britain who read newspapers in printed form. I am 33% of them. It was the ten year anniversary of Observer Food Monthly.

    There is no city on earth that is better served by newsprint than London. It’s a dream.

    As mentioned to Tan, the first thing I was going to cook was Nigel Slater’s baked onions. And I meant it.

    Saturday night rolled around. Baked onions on their own seemed a kinda weird thing to eat as a main so I threw some tagliatelle into a pot of boiling (salted) water while the onions were in the oven, stirred them through the baking dish and took the whole thing to the table.

    A handful of Parmesan later and we had an awesome, awesome, vegetarian meal.

    The whole recipe is seriously is stolen in its entirety. all I did was boil some genuine tagliatelle through it. It seems unnecessary to replicate it. Just follow the link.

    A Quick Note About Pasta

    Don’t use “fresh” tagliatelle. There’s not really any such thing. According to this sexist-yet-still-terribly-entertaining-programme Italians consider our version of “fresh pasta” as simply half-cooked. You can’t get this so-called “fresh” pasta to come out al-dente because it’s already squishy when you buy it. Stop using it. Filled pasta can be “fresh” but that’s it.

    Either make your own pasta from scratch or buy proper dried Italian pasta. There is no in-between.

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