• 10 Bank Holiday Suggestions For London Shut-Ins

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    Of course I’m doing this by choice. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact I am too disorganised (lonely?) to have booked in an awesome adventure.

    And, in fact now that it comes to it, I want to be antisocial this weekend. I want to commute no further than my TV room and/or closest shop. So there.

    Feeling the same way? Laid low by your final month of pregnancy? Scared of crowds?

    Let Gordon provide the menu to -well not awesomeness per se- but how about slightly-less-shitness?

    1. Annotate your cookbooks. I use those little post-it flags. Then totally commit to Julie &Julia-ing your way through the ones you have selected.
    2. Do a really long Ocado shop. For all of next week, for all those things you never remember to pick up. Seriously, take your time. You don’t have to carry anything. It’s a genuinely pleasant e-commerce experience.
    3. Organise your online life. Don’t tell me your LinkedIn doesn’t require some love. Or that there are at least three holidays of photos waiting to go up on Flickr of Facebook. Claim your Google profile while you’re at it.
    4. Watch Two Greedy Italians on iPlayer. From the start. It’s homophobic, sexist and probably a bit racist and utterly adorable.
    5. Get your ‘Summer Season’ sorted. The last two weeks of June and all of July are completed rammed with London awesomeness. On my list so far is this at The Cult of Beauty, Treasures of Heaven (as well as their member evenings), London Street Photography Festival, Doctor Dee: The Opera. This is all before checking with James about what else we’re going to.
    6. Join Qype. Yes, I work for them, but even if I didn’t I would still be evangelising about their app and their events. Can’t believe I have been using the Thrillist app for so long like a chump!
    7. Catch up on those personal emails. You know the ones: friends on the other side of the world, relatives, work acquaintances you are pretending are friends because you may need them at some stage in the future.
    8. Find preemptive birthday gifts on Amazon and add them to a wishlist. Just wander around the site and practice thinking about getting things for other people. You don’t ever need to buy them even though you will because, once again, you will be too disorganised to get anything until a couple of days before. Whatever happens, the training comes in handy.
    9. Cook a frittata. This one is good and cheap.
    10. Buy a newspaper you wouldn’t usually read. And no, I don’t mean a red top. I will never mean a red top. I mean like the Financial Times or something. FT Weekend is more enjoyable than you think.

    You’ll notice none of these are particularly strenuous. It goes without saying that you will probably walk somewhere out of boredoom/restless energy. Presumably you will also drink water and remember to wash yourself. For me, these are “filler items” on a Bank Holiday list because you would do them anyway.

    No, instead, these are mildly diverting tasks that will improve the smooth running of your life for the next couple of months. Think of it like being tricked into eating your vegetables. Because the thing about not going away for a Bank Holiday is that you are at risk of essentially squandering a vacation.

    If you go to work on Tuesday and all you’ve had is a “weekend but longer” you’ll still be moaning that you’re tired or whatever by Wednesday.

    How often do you get the opportunity to drop out of the world for three whole days to catch your breath and get organised?


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