• Patatas Bravas: Spanish Picnic Series

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    Yes, yes. It’s tapas so there was always going to be a patatas bravas recipe.

    Mine is a little bit heretical for a couple of important reasons. We are at the beginning of Jersey Royal season and I wouldn’t dream of using any other potato at this time of year. there is no other potato at this time of year.

    Secondly because I don’t peel the potatoes. See above. Jersey Royals are perfect.

    Thirdly because I still had some London heatwave sauce left which stood in for the usual tomato/chilli combo you’d get in Spain.

    Hence the ingredients list is going to look a little weird.


    • 500 grams of Jersey Royals. (Or whatever waxy spud you like if you’re being traditional.)
    • Olive or sunflower oil for shallow frying.
    • London Heatwave sauce.

    Alternate Tomato Sauce

    This is untested but it’s almost exactly a pasta sauce that I sometimes make (minus the basil) so I can attest to its deliciousness:

    • Can of plum or cherry tomatoes.
    • A couple of tablespoons of sugar.
    • 1 chopped red chilli.
    • 1 minced clove of garlic.
    • 1 diced red onion.
    • 2 peeled red peppers from a jar, chopped.

    Just simmer everything together in a small saucepan on low for 25 minutes then put through a food process. Amazing.


    • Halve the larger Jersey Royals. If using other potatoes make them ‘bite size.’
    • Par boil for 12 minutes.
    • Drain and leave to cool in the colander for a bit.
    • Heat the oil in the largest pan you have so that it’s about 1.5 cm deep.
    • Batch fry the potatoes, turning them so they cook evenly.
    • Transfer each batch onto some kitchen paper and then into the serving dish. (It becomes quite a good assembly line system: fry the first batch, tip onto paper, fry the second batch, while that is cooling transfer the first batch from the paper to the serving dish and so on.)
    • When all the potatoes are done, top with the warm sauce and serve.

    Note: This post is part of a Scotland series that was brought to you automatically by the good robots at WordPress. If your comments don’t show up immediately it is because I am drunk in the highlands somewhere.


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