• Chorizo Cooked In Sherry: Spanish Picnic Series

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    Let’s switch from something fairly involved -yesterday’s octopus salad- to something super easy.

    Now, I know it’s a really tired, Jamie-esque thing to say but if you want to serve simple foods, and the best tapas is simple, then they need to be good, authentic products.

    Today’s installment of the Spanish picnic series is just such a thing.


    Firstly, the chorizo. You want cooking chorizo rather than cured chorizo. They’re easy to tell apart once you know how. Firstly, cooking chorizo is smaller.

    Secondly, cooking chorizo looks smooth and vibrant like a penis in a Caravaggio. Not grizzled and terrifying, like a penis in the changing rooms of a public pool.

    Excluding the olive oil in which you will cook this, the only other ingredient is sherry. You can use oloroso (preferable) if you have some handy, but for reasons that will become clear in a future post, I am prescribing fino or manzanilla.


    • Chop the chorizo into thick coins.
    • Preheat the oil in a small pan until quite hot.
    • Throw the chorizo in and turn them over to coat.
    • Pour a few glugs of sherry over the top. Ours exploded into flames when we did this. It made me feel quite professional. James was less impressed. It will stay alight for slightly longer than you expect it to but this is all good.

    Typically this is served to you still sizzling which is fine but I actually prefer it warm and sticky, meaning you can cook it in whichever order you like if you’re serving a whole bunch of tapas.

    Note: This post is part of a Scotland series that was brought to you automatically by the good robots at WordPress. If your comments don’t show up immediately it is because I am drunk in the highlands somewhere.

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