• Chickpea and Za’atar Salad

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    To be honest, this appeared last night because my local M&S doesn’t seem to sell cannellini beans. Aren’t they the most popular bean? Why is there a whole shelf of butter beans?!? Who makes that much horrible soup?

    Anyway, I had some za’atar at home so I figured I’d switch from Italian bean salad to something Levantine-ish. You could add peeled, diced, deseeded tomatoes to this for extra awesome but I didn’t have any and also screw you I don’t want to.


    • 2 cans of chickpeas. Because I am lazy, I was a late convert to this but, you know, chickpeas really are so much better if you soak them overnight but this was a last minute thing so… Whatevs. Next time. You can soak, however.
    • A bunch of spring onions. Chopped. Get as much green in there as you dare. Green is the theme here seeing as we are tomato-free.
    • 2 chilies, diced. I went one red and one green but that’s because that was how they came in the pack. I’d probably just go two green ones next time.
    • Juice of one lemon.
    • Large bunch of Italian parsley, chopped. (Sidebar: If I ever forget to put the word ‘Italian’ in front of parsely just assume it’s there. The other stuff is nothing but a monstrous display for butchers’ windows.)
    • Groundnut oil.
    • Handful of toasted pine nuts. Sainsbury’s sells pre-toasted pine nuts. How long has that been going on?? My world was rocked when I saw them last weekend.
    • Za’atar. In lieu of za’atar use ground cumin, salt and pepper. (But make a mental note to get some za’atar.)


    • Tip the rinsed and drained chickpeas into a large serving bowl.
    • Add the chopped spring onion, chilies and most of the parsley and pine nuts.
    • Mix some oil and a couple of tablespoons of za’atar into a paste and stir that through the salad.
    • Squeeze over the lemon, add some more oil and stir everything together.

    If you’re serving it right away, top with the remaining pine nuts and parsley but it could do with some sitting to mix all those flavours together.

    I’m not going to tell you what I served it with because it doesn’t make any sense.


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