• Artichokes With Honey & Thyme: Spanish Picnic Series

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    Gasp! This is absolutely wonderful.

    It’s based on a Jamie recipe, actually. Which is rare for me because I think his stuff is too bitsy and inaccurate because I’m still not convinced he actually cooks all the recipes he suggests.

    (And the furore over his “thirty minute meals” that take two hours even for professional chefs is probably case in point.)

    Anyway, my version is lazier and more delicious.


    • 70 grams of pine nuts. This is a lot but that’s because I like pine nuts and I enjoy the boldness of using them as a main ingredient rather than a highlight.
    • A jar of artichokes.
    • 2 dollops of honey.
    • Small bunch of fresh thyme.


    • Halve any of the large artichoke hearts/pieces.
    • Toast the pine nuts in a dry pan until they start to brown.
    • Pour some of the oil from the artichoke jar into the pan, followed by the artichokes themselves and stir everything around.
    • Drop in a few sprigs of thyme and squeeze over the honey. (Ours was in a squeezy bottle. This will be more difficult if you have a jar. If it were me I’d wear gloves.)
    • Turn the heat down a bit and swirl everything around until it gets warm and gooey.
    • Transfer to a bowl.

    Top with some fresh thyme just before you serve it. This kept well in the fridge, incidentally.

    If you wanted to serve this as a main course then I’d make up some polenta slabs and top with the artichokes. In fact, I’m totally going to do that at some stage.

    Note: This post is part of a Scotland series that was brought to you automatically by the good robots at WordPress. If your comments don’t show up immediately it is because I am drunk in the highlands somewhere.

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