• 29 Tips For Your First Week In A New Job

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    So ends my first few days of the new workplace adventure.

    All signs point to it being awesome in every possible way. It’s great to be back in west London even if I will miss my wacky Farringtalians.

    Here are a few tips to squirrel away for the next time you are in a similar situation.


    1. Find the tea and work out tea etiquette. Shared mugs?
    2. Bring your own tea if it’s not a good situation. But don’t bring anything too ‘freakshow’ just yet.
    3. Buy or get the coffee every day. Around 11am.
    4. Try different ways of commuting.
    5. Bond over asking someone local lunch suggestions. You don’t have to ask them to lunch.
    6. Get your paperwork in order. Turns out not knowing your own bank’s address is embarrassing. (You know, I’ve heard.)
    7. Make your boss look good. You should do this every day but it’s especially important after a new hire.
    8. It’s too early to bitch. It’s probably always too early to bitch.
    9. Live the brand. Until someone tells you otherwise you have to totally live your brand
    10. Know the story. Know your company’s history.
    11. Take a notepad everywhere. People will just drop some names that you’re supposed to know.
    12. Know all the admin staff. Only they have the power to reduce your start-up admin time for 4500 years to a week.
    13. Find three versions of you in the market; at competitors or wherever. Monitor them in a non-creepy way. They’re your new success yardsticks.
    14. Know your trade press. Subscribe with your own money if you have to.
    15. Study the company’s previous marketing efforts. It gives you a good feel for its voice.
    16. Use people’s name a lot. Like, almost more than you feel comfortable with. They like hearing it and you need to remember it.
    17. Be polite even if someone is punching you in the face. No. Matter. What.
    18. Don’t talk about your old job.
    19. Don’t talk about how you weren’t going to talk about your old job and then talk about your old job.
    20. Update LinkedIn.
    21. Update everywhere else – Facebook, Google Accounts, etc.
    22. Be on top of everything. You won’t be able to do much but you can at least be on top of what you need to get done (new phone, etc) so you can start working. If you sit there quietly all week you’ll look lazy and insane.
    23. Don’t be lazy and insane.
    24. Don’t be tired. You aren’t doing anything yet.
    25. Leverage everyone’s politeness to get the meetings and resources you need asap. They don’t know you well enough to be rude to you yet. Next week you will just be annoying.
    26. Ask people about their pets. How people talk about their pets is how they see the world.
    27. Know your boss’s history.
    28. Know your boss’s boss’s requirements. It will tell you how you need to perform.
    29. Work out how private everyone else is before talking about your weekend. It may not be the kind of place that is okay with knowing you spent Saturday at a Renaissance Fair and Sunday at an orgy.
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