• ‘Ghost Army’ helped Allies win war

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    They were known as the ‘Ghost Army’, an eclectic group of actors, make-up artists and sound experts who together engineered one of the greatest deceptions in military history.

    Dummy M4 Sherman tank, part of the 'Ghost Army'

    Dummy M4 Sherman tank, part of the ‘Ghost Army’

    Photo: BARCROFT

    Using hundreds of inflatable tanks and artillery, deploying the latest sound technology and posing as drunken military officers in order to spread disinformation, the Ghost Army is credited with helping the Allies win the war in Europe and saving thousands of British and American lives.

    Over the course of five major campaigns, the unit arranged 20 intricately-planned battlefield deceptions, from Normandy to the Rhine, in order to trick Hitler’s armies into believing that Allied forces were in places they were not.

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