• Teenage homo moves to Riverdale. Will Jughead finally come out?

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    Like most Earthicans, I read Archie comics as a kid. I was especially keen for the Betty & Veronica books, which were much more catty and fun than whatever Archie was up to. Still, I liked them all, and I’ll tell you why. No matter how nasty Reggie was to the gang, or how much trouble Archie got himself into, the idyllic world of Riverdale was a thousand times safer than my own school-age experience, where every single day was an exhausting fight for survival. I haven’t read Archie in years, though I did buy the recent What If issue featuring Archie’s potential wedding to Veronica. Maybe all the publicity (and sales) intoxicated the Archie folks a little, because now they’re back with an even bigger bombshell. A real, live teen homosexual is moving to Riverdale! Meet Kevin Keller:


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