• Season With Freshly Ground Black People

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    7000 copies of an Australian recipe book have had to be pulped and reprinted this week because of a somewhat unfortunate mistake. The book in question is the Pasta Bible, published by Penguin Australia and containing … well, a whole lot of recipes on how to make pasta dishes.

    One of the delicious-sounding dishes described was spelt tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto, a promising treat so long as you don’t follow the recipe to the letter.

    Instead of instructing cooks to season the dish with salt and freshly ground black pepper the advice is to season with salt and freshly ground black people. In all the other recipes black pepper is called for, it’s just this one that gives it a fresh twist.

    This particular typo (is that what it was?) has cost the company $US18,000, but the copies already sold will not be recalled.

    A “silly mistake” is how Penguin are brushing off the faux pas, but they will give any complainers – of which no doubt there will be many – a new copy if they so wish.

    I wonder how many people (Black or otherwise) would have noticed the mistake if it hadn’t been pointed out to them? Surely no-one reads recipe books that closely, I know I don’t.

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