• Brighton Interrupted

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    Because the Met Office once again swung and missed with its weekend weather prediction (flooding), I opted not to take my camera with me on a little overnight trip to Brighton.

    Of course, this meant that the Monday turned into the warmest day of the year with beautiful blue skies and an English Channel that didn’t look like it was 43% human feces.

    So these are phone photos. But Brighton is cute and fun and I can’t wait for Phil to get his act together and move into a permanent home down there with a spare bedroom.

    I just can’t escape the feeling that the Victorians didn’t really understand what a beach was for. So rather than lying in the (rare) warmth, they built large wooden structures out over the water which they walked along; fully clothed; and once they got to the end bought spun sugar and jellied eels. Then risked their lives in highly flammable novelty machines.

    Off season holiday destinations are, however, my new favourite thing. There is so much pathos in looking at the naked bones of a structure that is designed to force large crowds of people to have fun.

    This would have been a longer post but -once again- phone photos. Kinda ruins the magic. Although, I will say that the camera in the Nokia E71 is good. It is absolutely the only good thing about this phone. Do not buy this fucking phone!

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