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    Due to a less-than-sudden opening in my diary, I have been busying myself with those digital chores that everyone puts off. Much of this was brought on by hearing a friend’s horror story about her old laptop shuffling off its coils and taking half of her photos and all her music with it.

    If you’re wondering, the best way to safeguard against this is a cloud computing.

    1. Get a Pro Flickr account for all your photos (Facebook won’t do. It technically owns the copyright to your photos and also compresses them -meaning you will have shit photos if you ever try to print them out). Unlimited, high-res storage.
    2. Sort yourself out with some online storage for any particularly valuable music files. (Also note iTunes has contingencies for loss of files so if they’re legal be sure to check their site).

    ‘Backing up files’ physically with external hard drives is both more expensive and less effective. Whatever can happen to your laptop can also happen to your hard drive. Plus this isn’t 1998 you backward jerks.

    Flickr also lets you do fun, awesome easy things like this. Behold! Gothenburg.

    You may remember my little trip from late last year? The one where I went mushrooming and ruined Ellen’s party? Here are the photos. Gothenburg rocks somewhat. It’s got an actual purpose which is more than I can say for Stockholm -it bored me. The people are more fun and the place is less sterile. Go there. It made it onto the Times of London’s ‘Top 10 2010 City Breaks’.

    Next on the list: Rome – in pieces. Just be sure to check out ‘Around Rome’ (first slideshow). The remaining sets are -ahem- comprehensive in their study of the places we went.

    Next up is the set from The Vatican and St Paul’s. Warning: contains images of the Pope. And some kind of painting of a shoe fight with a cardinal. (I really wish I had the time AT the time to blog about Rome.)

    The rest of the Rome images can be found in sets on the Sets Page. (Funnily enough.) If you visit you may also note that I only take some of my own advice. Much of my photo collection is still stored dangerously in iPhoto and no where else.

    Last but not least -because mine is clearly the first ever travel blog anywhere in the world- I can only assume my little brother and his girlfriend got the idea from me. So I’m sending him a fraction of my tiny traffic and some all important link love. Subscribe. He’s funny. Besides, I may cameo in it toward the end of the year if everything goes according to plan. Here’s a bit about them.

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