• The Birthday Weekend That Was

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    Nothing like arranging a birthday get-together in West London during the worst storms of the year to kickstart Ryan’s complaining.

    In his defence, it was truly fucking horrible. He got smashed in the face by wet garbage while waiting at the bus stop. The rest of us (except Monique because she’s a witch, maybe?) got completely soaked at the Portobello Road Market.

    birthday drinks 3

    Serves us right for looking at antiques.


    Of course, the plus side of the horrific weather is that we arrived at/fled into our dinner venue before 2pm, thus allowing for an extended drinking session. By the way, if you’re in the Notting Hill area, upstairs at The Oak is awesome.

    And quiet during the day! As you can plainly see from my poor phone photography below:

    birthday drinks 2

    So happy fiftieth (or something) to Leon. Nobody got you a cake so I wasn’t able to work out how old you are.

    In general, the Antipodean Birthday Summit was a blast. As the evening wore on, Ryan even decided to chair an impromtu vampire board meeting:

    birthday drinks

    You know, I hate to admit this in case any/both of my trendy North London friends read the post, but there was something extremely nice about kicking it Wes’side, for once. I’m so used to travelling to the other side of town for entertainment that I forget that we’re really not all that far from fun.

    If your idea of fun is rain-sodden antiques, wet garbage in the face and pizza at a restaurant that doesn’t take bookings before struggling home through a gale.

    And then blogging about it.

    Because apparently mine is.

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