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    Here comes another one. But it’s the month of pirate festivals so I’m going to switch up the image.

    It also serves as my first link:

    • More new math. Some of them are quite funny. I particularly like this one.
    • Math not doing it for you? Or are you perhaps too low on mana points to cast some math? You need Dungeons & Dragons Spellcaster Soda as well as many expensive years of therapy trying to work out why you are still alone. I thought about buying some for ironic reasons but they’re quite expensive. I’d have to kill and search a whole bunch of orcs to get enough gold to cover this purchase.
    • Oh my, I do like this one. It’s a collection of the best variations on the London Underground map. This will be of interest to Londoners and those who like to snigger at dirty words.
    • Moving east for a bit. Here’s a rather cutesie video. It’s like the last bit of Love Actually meets the intro to The Brady Bunch… In the Far East.
    • Sorry kids. You have to do thinking with this next link. The viability (or not) of 3D cinema. It’s interesting, trust me.

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