• Moleskine Jerkery for Jerks

    by  •  • Posterous

    We have corporate moleskines. I give them to clients. Clients like Alex.

    Here’s a blurry picture of what they look like. And I really, really like them. They are the jerk tool par excellence. And so I thought I would pen this little note because Abbie Lucas alerted me to an article about the use of moleskines by freelancers. This article was written in good faith.

    Read the whole thing. It’s unbearable in its wankery but there is a *SNAP* moment coming.

    The *SNAP* moment. It creepily and unintentionally mirrors an earlier article. On a site called Stuff White People Like. Moleskines are at number 122.

    And they read exactly the same. Unironic gold.

    Make a note of it. Jerks.

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