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    James is moving back to London at last!


    In one of those truly bizarre twists of fate, he will be working in the store that is literally at the end of the street we used to live on in Islington.

    Stupid fucking universe.

    But yes, we’re both extremely excited. Me because I get my lovely 40 inch television back and James because… Well, to be honest, he’s the clear loser in this transaction because he is giving up a two bedroom apartment he had to himself and is being forced to move back in with me. (In this recession we all must make sacrifices.)

    I’m not sure how this is going to work but I am contemplating some kind of party type event to celebrate our do-over.

    Oh, and incidentally, if the title of this post is unfamiliar to you then you have a whole heap of DVDs with your name on them. It’s a long weekend in Britain so get to it.

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