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    It’s been a while since I have done one of these but they have proven to be quite popular so here is another one. One with lots of links.


    On with the show:

    There were a couple of others that are now dead. The best one was from a local Canadian newspaper. Apparently a man climbing a telegraph poll fell off but was saved by his pants. He was rescued a few hours later. Love it. But not enough to spend even a single second looking for another source.

    One last one. I am re-reading Anatomy of Desire. It’s about ten years old and I found it when I was going through my college roomate’s stuff while she was out (sorry, Erin. I was looking for something in particular but I forget what). And it’s good. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s got the best explanation for the question: “mommy, where do gays come from?”

    This question has always interested me because you would think that a genetic aberration that triggers same-sex attraction would die out because -funnily enough- this particular mutation would prove difficult to pass along to your offspring. Except that it hasn’t. And it exists across the majority of high order mammals. (Dolphins, for instance, are extremely gay. Literally.) Basically one of the chapters is an investigation of exactly that.

    See? You never thought of that before. Well, fucking buy the damn book yourself.

    A lot of the other research now seems dated (decade old, remember), but if you are even half interested in the prehistoric origin of marriage or where gays come from it’s worth hunting up. At the very least keep your eyes out in second hand bookstores.

    Right. That’s me.

    Ciao, internets!

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