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    Fucking awesome.

    The title of today’s post is taken from one of Discovery’s more recent advertising campaigns. The subtitle from the fact that I am sick in my second week and it appears my bedroom heater is either a stage prop or a cruel trick of the mind.

    Anyway here is the ad for those that haven’t seen it:

    If you like it there are a quite a few parodies floating around as well.

    Also James tells me that they used to sing this song in primary school in New Zealand? I’m all for corporate sponsorship but that’s probably a bridge too far, even for me.

    Speaking of the new job… I should probably speak of the new job. Here is where I work:


    There are more photos of the workplace snowed and iced over here. By the way, Discovery is just one building. The others are Disney, Technicolor, Starbucks EMEA HQ and a few other things. Also my new gym in theory but I’m too poor/disinclined to join at the moment. I’m still somehow losing weight so I figure a gym membership will make me put it back on. See? That’s me using science to win an argument.

    The photos without snow were taken on the Sunday before I was due to
    start. Good thing I did, because no one could make it in on my first
    day on account of the blizzard and the snow hung around for the entire
    week basically.

    To answer the obvious question: is it weird and nerdy to take photos of your new workplace… Yes. It is. But there is precedent for it. My friend Bill did the same thing with his first job in Canada on account of its weird staircases and general seventies decor.

    So I’m following his lead because my offices are finally, finally awesome for the first time in my life. There’s a cafe and edit suites and screens playing Discovery Content (Deadliest Catch, at least). To be honest I am surprised at how important this seems to me. But for those of you that have seen the other places I have worked (including my spare room at one point) you’ll understand why I mentioned this before I mentioned my new colleagues.

    Who are also really nice. There are Australians everywhere. One of whom I went to university with in Sydney (the same classes and everything). I was euphemistically told that this is because the Australian way of working seems to be a “better match” to the American way of working. In that we do it rather than spend our entire time trying to say something is ‘not my area’.

    In fact our corner is unofficially called AA. Which previously stood for ‘Australian Association’ or something but has had to be changed to Antipodean Association on account of the hiring of some saffos. No one seems to want to make the obvious AA joke in this circumstance.

    The whole thing has not been without its challenges, of course. Challenges like the heaviest snowfall in twenty years and me living out of a suitcase with only two pairs of shoes. One pair of which are sneakers. White sneakers. It certainly makes it just that little bit harder to dress to impress. (Something I have been dragged kicking and screaming into doing thanks to this fucking credit crunch. But I suppose I can’t keep dining out on my winning personality and unlimited charm forever.)

    Still… On the two days that haven’t been snowing, sleeting or flooding the walk to work -encompassing two parks and a dozen coffee vendors- is a joy. Especially as I watch the expletives roll out on twitter from followers/ees stuck in horrible London commutes. I can’t wait for the endemic grey squirrels to defrost. A plague-like introduced species is the only way the commute could get more enjoyable without crowds at the bus stop spontaneously breaking into song.

    This post was supposed to be about other things but it got rather long. There are more recipes (with real pictures!) on the way. I also wanted to say that we’ve all been watching Victoria with horror and crying and all around grief. Doesn’t tragedy just put everything into perspective?

    The world is just awesome. Except when it isn’t.

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