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    My passport is off getting its “you may stay here indefinitely” sticker in it. This is a process that could potentially take another five months.


    As a result we have had to look domestically to use of the week and a bit of annual leave that expires at the end of March.

    After an extremely scientific poll of workmates within shouting distance of my desk (“Lake District or Cornwall for a week in late Feb?”) I have settled on Cornwall.

    It’s piratey, King Arthury, pasty-y and has many fine nautical pubs in which to drink ale.

    Now we need to settle on a strategy. There are a couple of options:

    • Head due south from Bristol and roap trip along the south coast and then back along the north coast
    • Find a centrally located ‘base’ -either a cottage or a hotel- and day trip the various attractions

    So… Who has been to or is potentially from Cornwall who can shed some light on the subject? Also feel free to add suggested things to do or ways I can get cheap accommodation and/or rental cars. Either here or via twitter/Facestalk.

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