• In Denial

    by  •  • Bristol

    I am on the 6:30am train to London on Saturday and I haven’t even started packing.


    I’m in complete denial!

    And because it’s my last day at the beeb I have been asked to have a couple of drinks after work. I can only assume this means that I will be packing drunk (again!).

    Literally anything is preventing me from thinking about it. I just swapped out my faulty phone for a new handset and then spent an hour playing with it. (I’m trying to get the photo I took of the Clifton Suspension Bridge on the old handset emailed to the new handset so I can use it as my wallpaper again but it means I have to set up the inbox setti – oh never mind.)

    And look! Something else mildly awesome:

    Google street view car hits a baby deer and records it on Google.

    Ahh, distractions.

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