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    I’m down to my last few days at the dear old beeb and also my last few days in Bristol.

    Talk has turned to plans for what I will need in London, how we manage the alternate weekends, etc. You see, it all makes perfect sense in theory (like communism) but life keeps getting in the way.

    Like how my first scheduled return to Bristol has to be postponed because of two birthday parties in London. And then it should be James’s weekend in London again. But I can’t go that long without downloaded television! Not with BSG so close to being over for good. (Though I think Lee Adama looks like an unsuccessful real estate agent with his new hair. Wildly unimpressed.)

    Also I’m not entirely sure how affectionate I am supposed to be with my soon-to-be former colleagues. I really like the vast majority of them and would love to stay in touch… But this is Britain and I don’t know how such things are supposed to be expressed. At home I’d just shove someone, call them the c word and threaten them into befriending me on Facestalk.

    This all adds up to an ongoing feeling of being in a holding pattern… Which of course makes the last couple of days drag and drag and drag.

    I’ve tried filling my time with endless cups of liqorice tea but by the afternoon I think it makes my vision go blurry. If I wanted that I’d just discreetly swig bourbon from a sippy cup.

    These two things have proven to be excellent distractions this morning, however:

    An interivew with Alan Moore about one of his more intriguing upcoming projects and this amazing blogger I found by way of Eric Berlin. Who is also quite awesome.

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