• Parsnip Gratin

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    Another vegetarian one.


    I cooked this tonight… It was the first meal cooked in our new kitchen.

    Note this is probably only a poverty meal if parsnips are in season… Which they are over here.

    The original recipe is here… Because naturally I wouldn’t come up with this on my own. Mostly I just stare at parsnips in the supermarket and say “I love you! But I just don’t know what to do with you other than roast you with other vegetables!”

    If this is you then get amongst this recipe fast.

    I only made two changes.

    The first was to add more parsnip (around 700 grams because it was a main for two fatties). Note that this doesn’t affect the amount of cream that goes into it.

    In fact, I think it would possibly be too sickly with only 500 grams of parsnip.

    The second was to top the gratin with cheese rather than butter. This was risky but it seems to have paid off.

    I will say this is extremely rich and though I cooked it for a main it’s probably better used as a side for four rather than a main for two.

    Actually, given that it’s all wintery… Grilled (non-Irish) pork chops with some moderately expensive apple sauce would definitely team with the theme.

    (Or you could use some kind of winter pork sausages but you get the idea. Shut up.)

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