• Link Round Up: 08/12/08

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    The date is almost a palindrome…. Almost.


    So without further ado here are a few more awesome/terrible things that the internets have thrown up.

    • Firstly, here’s the gift for the strange Star Wars nerd who has everything. Please note that you have to be a millionaire or, at the very least, a successful car thief to be able to afford to buy this for someone.
    • Staying with the lego theme…. Behold Osama as Lego. That’s a little mental. Especially as clearly you have to build the cave and the dialysis machine yourself.
    • Oh! This one is really fun. A 3D realtime Twitterverse. And because Twitter still has a few months before it is ruined like blogs, myspace and facebook have been ruined, you can actually get some interesting/useful information if you watch it for long enough.
    • Here are 100 ways to organise your life. You won’t use any of them but if you feel just belligerent enough to prove me wrong then I think the event planning/ticket ones are the most interesting.
    • A Lost City has been found in Peru. I include that because it’s awesome and I’m a Lost City nerd.
    • Finally, His Holiness Stephen Fry talking geniousnessnessly about the short stories of Oscar Wilde. It’s worth keeping an eye on this because the short story project I think is going to be quite good.

    That’s all for now.


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