• Apartment Woes, A New Phone & A Hobbit Christmas Tree

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    Right so the central heating currently doesn’t work in our apartment.

    This becomes an issue because both bedrooms are technically underground and it’s getting down to 1 degree in Bristol tonight. I am literally sleeping in a tomb.

    Also the extractor fan in the bathroom doesn’t work meaning the place practically floods whenever you want to have a shower.


    Plus the washer/dryer doesn’t spin properly and boiled a load of our clothes that it also managed to make run.

    There are any number of other little things wrong with the place as well. But like the hastily grabbed photo implies: no use crying over spilled/poisoned Chinese baby milk powder. (That last bit is only contentious if you are from NZ or a Chinese baby.)

    Still… Not all goes ill.

    Our tastefully undersized Christmas tree is up. You can see photos of it here taken with my new phone. (Note that my handset was free rather than preposterously priced.)

    Some of the decorations came from the delightful Christmas markets in Bath. Others from Macy’s in New York (by way of my mum) and the rest… Well… I won’t lie. They came from M&S with James’s 20% discount.

    Returning to the real significance of the season -my new phone- I’m going to be posting random stuff from it to my Posterous account.

    I have been meaning to have a play with it since I joined just after it beta tested. Except I needed a decent phone. Now I have one.

    If it turns out that I am doing this regularly then I will probably just feed it into here. Otherwise you will see the posts come up on my twitter account to the right.

    (Or you could frikking join. It’s only going to be good for about another 3 months. Then it will get big and shit like Facebook. Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

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