• Poverty Meal: Mexican Tuna Casserole

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    I’m so proud of how white trash this is.


    It’s based on my mother’s slightly less white trash recipe. Unfortunately her version calls for a roux to be made and I just can’t afford the extra butter or flour.

    So I made this!

    Actually this one will impress her because she has a love for all things Mexican (food, Cameron, etc). Of course, this is about as Mexican as I am but you get the idea.

    It’s Baja California by way of Fountain Lakes.


    • 2 x can of chopped tomatoes
    • 500 grams (drained weight) of tuna in water (not oil you fat slags)
    • 1 large bunch coriander (chopped with stalks)
    • Small can of tinned corn (optional)
    • 1 really large red onion (they’re huge here. use 2 if need be)
    • 1 can mexi beans (in chilli sauce or similar. not plain kidney beans)
    • 1 packet of taco/chilli seasoning mix (see? authentic)
    • 200 gram pack of Doritos or similar -preferably unflavoured
    • 200 gram pack of grated cheese

    This makes a truly unholy amount of food which is important because it tastes so much better on day 2.

    Note: It may look like you can eat this cold the next day but you can’t. I tried.


    1. In an absolutely enormous bowl -one of those stainless steel ones or a stockpot from a womens prison kitchen- combine the drained tuna, chopped tomatoes, coriander, beans, corn and mexi powder.
    2. Mix with a large stick and your burly prison arms.
    3. Let sit for as long as possible in the fridge. It only takes a few seconds so you can prep it before work.
    4. Brown the chopped onions over medium heat in a giant stockpot before adding the enormous pre-mixed bowl.
    5. Stir to heat through then remove from the hob and pour into an oiled casserole tray. I have one of those long rectangular ones. Pat down.
    6. Without opening the bag crush all the corn chips -either with your hands or gently with a mallet (like massaging your prison wife).
    7. Pour the crushed corn chips on top of the casserole and then cover the top with grated cheese.
    8. Heat in the oven until cheese golden and blah blah blah. Ours takes an hour and we have to cover it with foil for half the time but our shithouse oven is broken and it would probably be faster if I cooked by putting food beside a small bedside lamp.

    Once again, I can’t stress how much food this makes. This is dinner for two, then lunch the next day then dinner with salad that night. (It tastes amazing the second night.)

    However, it reheats splendidly from frozen so if you have a couple of smaller glass casserole dishes (or even aluminium trays) just do that.

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