• Poverty Meal: Chickpeas alla Nigella

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    So many of my poverty meals are based originally on a Nigella recipe. But with this one I am just going to copy it out wholesale cos it’s the shizz.

    It doesn’t have a name so feel free to make one up.

    I was thinking about calling it Vicpeas because sherry reminds me of vicars but it turns out that is a really fucking lame attempt.

    ‘Vicars balls’ is thusly the current working title.


    • Wok oil (or use a mixture of sesame, garlic and vegetable oils. Or whatever fruity combination your brain comes up with. I didn’t have wok oil or garlic oil because not even I am that gay.)
    • Cumin seeds. It says two teaspoons but I use so, so much more than that. I clearly have yet to grasp the concept of spices. Why are they sold in such large quantities? At my market you can buy them in sacks. Sacks!! I am going to say “discretionary amount” of cumin seeds.
    • Two cans of chickpeas. Rinsed and drained.
    • One pack of rocket leaves.
    • 60ml of cream sherry. Clearly I use more than that amount as well. Then I drink the sherry. It’s so coming back in… Along with port. Trust me. I can feel it.

    Nigella includes salt as an ingredient but that goes without saying. ‘Air’, ‘a kitchen’, ‘some ability to judge depth perception’ are also required.


    1. Heat the fruity oil and the entire sack of cumin seeds in a wok.
    2. Add the chickpeas, rocket leaves, sherry and ‘salt’ (depth perception required) and cook until the liquid is gone, the rocket leaves are wilted and the chickpeas are heated through.

    That’s it!

    Nigella lists a poached egg on top to serve but I’m too lazy. I suppose you could add the egg during the cooking phase like you do with fried rice. Whatever. Let me know if you do and I will begrudgingly make the changes.

    We eat this on its own (not for nothing is this a poverty meal) but it also works as a side salad for anything Moroccan or ‘Araby’.

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