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    The new job starts next Wednesday. In the meantime I am trying to find replacement flatmates (because I really am that nice), book a haircut, rent a van to drive to Bristol, drive to Bristol, get approved for a lease and James is trying to get a store transfer.

    All these things are boring.

    So instead… Here are some semi-pornographic tabs I have open.

    The Guardian has discovered slow blogging. Baaah… Not having anything to say isn’t a creative movement. I barely write at Small Screens for that very reason. They’re just excuses for not having any readers (trust me).

    A couple got caught cheating in the toilets of a sports game. This is gross and horrible and an awesome link.

    Proving that ‘moving to Bristol’ was clever and strategic on a global scale, here are the 25 best US cities in which to find a job. I would only consider living in two of them.

    Ten reasons you’re not getting sex at the office. 11 needs to be ‘because I haven’t been in an office for several months.’ 12 needs to be ‘You ming like a vase.’

    The Torygraph is reporting that Batman is going to be killed off. What’s weird about this is that the recent spate of comic movie have seen a second boom time for graphic novels. There is no need for such a tawdry marketing lie. Bruce Wayne is not going to be killed off. I will eat my fucking hat if that sticks.

    Speaking of comic movies, Robert Downey Jnr let slip some awesome news if you are my kind of nerd. Actually, speaking of… Tan… Can I have my graphic novel back before I move? You better have finished it.

    And finally… You see that cowboy picture at the top of the post? That’s actually an inflatable horse/rider costume. That you can buy and wear. There’s a demonstration video.

    I covet the crap out of it. I’d buy it as a celebration gift for myself but I haven’t quite mastered that guy’s expression yet.

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