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    Another classic impressions post -except this one will cover significantly more time and thusly leave out significantly more detail.


    Settlers of Catan

    We played this at Abbie and Tan’s a few weeks back. I hadn’t ever played it before but won convincingly -something Tan wasn’t too suprised about.

    All I will say is that I wouldn’t recommend playing against an Australian in a game that involves the exploitation of mineral resources and some mild racism.

    We’re quite practiced.

    More Favourite Pubs

    We appear to be building quite a cosmogram of favourite pubs.

    There’s the White Hart in town -which is the oldest pub in London (that is still a pub) and the likely origin of the phrase ‘on/off the wagon’.

    Apparently it refers to the fact that condemned prisoners would be taken here on the way to the Old Bailey for a drink and a roll with a whore. So one would say “he’s on the wagon (to a gaol where he will be hanged)”.

    Oh! And then there’s the Island Queen.


    Now, I assumed this place was named after Karl but no, it’s right by one of the canals near our place. I LOVE it here.

    Urban Foxes

    Speaking of the Island Queen, we took Tam there a few weeks back and on the six minute walk between the first pub and this one we saw our first urban fox.


    Right in the middle of London in the middle of a bright Autumn afternoon.

    Nocturnal, my ass.

    Avenue Q

    Went and saw this production with/courtesy of the lovely Adele. It was an absolute blast -due in no small part to the company I kept- but if you’re only seeing one musical in town make sure it’s Wicked.

    London Canals

    James and I now rank amongst the world’s foremost authorities on the London canal system.

    Or at least we should given the amount of time we have spent wandering along them.


    We’ve even been to the London Canal Museum. I will just point out that charging 3 pounds to see a bunch of pikey crap hanging on a wall and a large model horse for some reason is a bit rich in a city where the British Museum -the greatest collection of antiquities anywhere on the planet- is free.

    (Actually, it’s by donation but donate THIS.)

    Little Venice

    What a crock. This place is so shit.

    You can’t just say something is like something else when clearly it isn’t. Otherwise I would be known as Strepsor; the Crown Princess of Awesomia.

    We walked for miles to get to this place last week. Past Camden, past London Zoo… All the while going “gee, I can’t wait to get to Little Venice. I’m sure it’s great.”


    Keith Richards

    James saw Keith Richards stumbling around Selfridges while I was off on yet another interview.

    I’m a little bit jealous because that’s our best celebrity sighting so far.


    Loves it. Finally a pub that thought ‘gee, I wonder if we should have some of our windows facing onto this enormous and alluring river’?

    This particular pub (the Trafalgar Inn) also boasts illustrious former patrons including Dickens.

    The food looked good but all the items were at least a tenner so we just drank at a lovely old wooden table right in the middle of the main set of bay windows.

    It’s weird thinking that you are sitting in exactly the same place as Charles Dickens once sat. Like exactly. It’s clearly the best table on the ground floor… Surely he would have sat there at least once.


    We drink ale now… Me more than James. It is definitely a taste worth acquiring as the weather gets colder.

    It’s just that in Summer thick, warm, flat beer doesn’t really turn my crank.

    Ale also seems to suit day time drinking. Or at least the moderation of day time drinking… Because you can kinda nurse one for longer than a cool drink.

    And that’s all for now.

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