• Breaking Free

    by  •  • London

    This is the first official post from Invading Europe’s currently secret new home.

    There are so, so many reasons for this change -none of them have anything to do with being repeatedly nagged to update my blog. I swear. The real reason is to get away from vox’s really crummy set-up where I can’t do fucking anything at fucking all!


    And it feels ever so good.

    Not only do I get widgets and a hilarious new design (don’t pretend you don’t love it) but you can all comment now without logging into vox (something that wasn’t that difficult anyway you lazy bastards).

    But this is it.

    It’s called Invading Europe 2.0 but you’ll notice the URL is somewhat different. Please adjust your RSS readers, etc, accordingly.

    And links! I want links! This site is new so it needs a swag of incoming links.

    The other reason for going with a ‘less specific’ URL is that it the initial blog was set-up to chart the pitfalls and adventures of moving to and settling on the other side of the world. But in the medium term I am going to need a more general ‘life blog’.

    This life blog.

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